Friday, June 9, 2006

Photo Friday, Poverty

A small poor-box awaits donations at an ancient California mission. Photograph by Robert McLaughlin. Available for less than $10 at Foto Bella.


sazzyplip said...

Hi Robert,

This is a great take on poverty, St Vicent De Paul also operate here in Ireland and I know that it helps a lot of deprived familys living on the poverty line. People, and rightly so, see poverty as the homeless or disaster victims, but there are also people who struggle day by day to make ends meet, eat and pay bills without mention or help.

Thank you for your comments - and great photo as always - your images always have a way of telling a story.

sazzyplip said...

Im trying to add you to my links, Ive only been blogging for 1 month and hav`nt a clue how to add links - is this scripting wrong?