Friday, August 31, 2007

Syd Goes To Church

With much trepidation Syd finally gave into his sister’s demands that he go to church with her. His sister Norma could create guilt like nobody else (not even Ray’s mom, Marie, could match her in said skills).

Two things Syd couldn’t understand. First being dyslexic, he couldn’t understand why these cats were praising Dog! Dogs were dumb—dogs were meant to be pets! A dog you kept in the corner; or better yet, outside in the dog house.

And why was the preacher so angry at him! Good God, he didn’t even know the guy! Everyone else was dancing and jumping for joy like they were on Reverend Jim’s side!

“What the Hell?” Syd thought. “These be some real mean cats!”

Having been significantly spooked, Syd swore he would never slink into a service like that again. A good friendly neighborhood dive-bar was more up his alley.

—Illustration and story by Robert McLaughlin

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Lorene Huffman said...

Ok, sometimes I think my dad is so weird...and then I find myself cracking up! Hilarious story! Love it.