Wednesday, October 24, 2007


North County Times Inland Edition 10/24/2007

This is the front page of today’s North County Times (click for full-size version). San Diego County is ablaze with one of California’s worst wildfires--with 2000+ homes destroyed, and more than 1/4 million residents evacuated.

I live just outside of the evacuated areas in Oceanside. Never-the-less the ash and smoke are everywhere.

Ash-covered cars in my driveway

My commute Tuesday morning

On Monday we had to evacuate the main NCT building.

North County Times Escondido

Southern California Wildfires, the View from Space

How to dress for a fire in the neighborhood:

Robert McLaughlin in Fire Gear

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Patrick said...

Another idea for a photo book: disaster and the McLaughlins; how we seem to be drawn to each other.

First section would be the Mt. St. Helen's pictures you have, then the Katrina, then the CA wildfires.

You really should be printing your photos for your friends to see, and for posterity ;)