Monday, February 25, 2008

Hannah Montana & The Second Coming of U2

So me and a bunch of the guys decided we're gonna see the new U2-3D concert movie. That's me and two other Freshman Geezer friends of mine (and one friend's Rock Musician son [he's really good!]).

I'm not sure how to relate the wierdness of what happened to us Saturday night, judge for yourselves if this is funny or not.

We headed for the only theater in town showing the film in 3d and ponied up 12 bucks each for a ticket (thats a $2 3D premium).

We took our seats with another hundred or so people. They were the type of folks you would expect, from 30's to 50's, good mix of male and female, everyone is cool. There was not a pink cell phone or a 12-year-old girl in sight.

First, the commercials. You know—Pepsi, Levis, and so on. Then the previews. Then, the moment for which we were all waiting, THE FEATURE PRESENTATION.

Everything would have been cool at this point, except for some reason Larry Mullen, Adam Clayton, the Edge, and Bono morphed into Hannah Montana!

For a few moments the audience watched in horrified silence. Then a murmer, then an uproar! My Freshman Geezer friend Barry yelled to his Rock Musician Son, "Go... go! Tell management!"

Then my other Freshman Geezer friend Andy said, "Come on Robert, let's go!" So I got up and headed for the door, with only a momentary look back at Hannah as she got her hair and makeup done for the PERFORMANCE.

About 25 other patrons at the entrance caught a hapless theater employee.

The poor fella came back into the auditorium to apologize and reassure us that indeed U2 would show within mere seconds (after a second run-through of the obligatory trailers).

Feeling emboldened, I shouted "PTSD!" Others complained of mental duress. Some asked for refunds.

The concert? Wow! If you get a chance, see this film. You even get to keep the 3d glasses.


RHoward said...

Okay Robert. While I totally understand the panic that must have gripped your crowd upon seeing Hannah Montana I have to ask....."what is PTSD?"

Robert McLaughlin said...

Hi Ron,

PTSD is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Most often diagnosed in military personnel after leaving the theater of war, it can also happen in daily life under the most extraordinary of circumstances. ;)

RHoward said...

I can totally understand this....You think you're about to rock out to U2 when suddenly you're assaulted by Hannah Montana. Cruel! I hope the theatre gave you guys several movie passes.