Friday, April 4, 2008

From San Diego to Savannah in 7 Steps

  1. I left home at 1:00 PM PDT yesterday, walked 2 miles over a high mountain (actually a small hill) to the commuter train station.
  2. The Sprinter commuter train took me to the Coaster in Oceanside.
  3. The Coaster took me to San Diego.
  4. From the Coaster I transferred to the shuttle bus to San Dieg0’s Lindbergh Field. Total time: 4 hours. Total cost of travel from Oceanside to San Diego: $3.50.
  5. While waiting for my flight I purchased a Venti coffee from Starbucks and secretly spiked it with some Irish whiskey I brought from home. Total cost of the Irish coffee: $2.50. Am I cheap or what? On the flight from San Diego to Denver I ordered a free tomato juice and secretly spiked it with some vodka for a free Bloody Mary. Yeah! During the flight Frontier Airlines wanted to sell me Direct TV for $5.00. Nothin’ doin’! Out came my iPod Nano 3G.
  6. During the flight from Denver to Atlanta I tried to sleep. This wasn’t going to happen.
  7. My son’s parents-in-law picked me up in Atlanta for the 4 hour last leg of the journey to Savannah. I locked my wallet in the back of the truck, yet lamely offered to help pay. Not only did they refuse, but they bought my breakfast at Cracker Barrel. You can’t beat that Southern hospitality!
Sorry to all my adoring millions of fans (everyone of you send me a dollar each, okay?) this is pretty trivial stuff. But my mom would be interested if she was alive to read this.

[A note about sneaking drinks onto the airplane. I found out later that this is expressly against FAA regulations, and I could have been locked up for 10-15 years if the flight attendant had found out. Don’t anybody try this!]


Anonymous said...

Frugality - thrift - caution - what do these things mean? Let me guess, you were the type that mixed ketchup w/water and ate free crackers in the restaurants during college. I don't think you are really that thrifty - I think you are just trying to become famous like Jack Benny - he had the reputation of being stingy but really he was quite a generous man - but that reputation did make people laugh and did make his fame.

Lorene Huffman said...

So that is where I am getting my "frugality" from. I was blaming it on married life...but it's seeping from my father. :0) Sneaking snacks into the movies is my favorite!

Robert McLaughlin said...

Sneaking snacks into the theater is hardcore--I never do that.