Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Chargers vs The Steelers

Three friends and I decided to get together and watch the San Diego Chargers beat up on the Pittsburgh Steelers today. Beebo, the pet cat, was interested in the outcome of the game also. First half was okay with the “Other Team” leading by only four points. By the two-minute warning Beebo decided to go into the bedroom and commit suicide. Services are scheduled for sometime next week.

Beebo rests in peace next to an empty bottle of Valium.
Photograph by Robert McLaughlin.

We’ll miss “The Beebes”. May we all learn from this—it’s JUST a game!


Gary Wood said...

I can sympathize with Bebo, I'm a Sooner fan!

Anonymous said...

Mommy told you to stay out of her stash!!!!!