Saturday, May 27, 2006

Photo Friday, Home

Historic home in Oceanside. Photograph by Robert McLaughlin.


merlinprincesse said...

This is my idea of the ideal house! Very nice!

thanh7580 said...

Some very interesting photos you have Robert, especially the one where you're all green and look like The Hulk. Are you currently living in France or do you just like France seeing how you have many French photos? I've recently been engrossed by France and Paris in particular after seeing some magnificent photos by Arnauch Frich.

Have a look at some of his panoramic photos, truly spectacular. The panoramic ones of Paris at night are just perfect.

sazzyplip said...

Hi Robert,

Glad to see you made an entry for Photo fri, Im already a fan!

Robert McLaughlin said...

Principessa, this is a house at Heritage Park in Oceanside. The large front porch used to be a place in which families would spend much time. It was a place for friendship with your neighbors and family members, sans the TV and radio. Sadly, much of the home building in Southern California, is sans the porch.

Thanh. No I don't live in France. My wife, son, and I visited Paris for one week in August 2003. Unfortunately for us, that was the month of France's terrible heat wave, in which about 13,000 French citizens lost their lives. We saw 2 or 3 older folk collapse. Despite the heat we were determined to enjoy our stay. I took about a gazillion photos (mine look like simple snapshots compared to the beauty of Arnaud Frich's photos).

Sazzy, I thank you for the tip on Photo Friday. Ah, Ireland. The home of my ancestors. I've been there, I'm in love "wit' da bonny isle"!

thanh7580 said...

Ah I see, so you're slowly drip feeding us with the photos. I think I would've (and possibly will in the future should I get a chance to go) taken heaps of photos of Paris too. It looks like such a nice place architecturally.

Those Arnauch Frich photos are so stunning, I just can't get over them yet. Even my best efforts don't come close to his worst. I need to get myself a digital SLR and wide angle lens! :-)

sazzyplip said...

Thanks Robert, I was happy to point you there, I think your work will be appricated more.