Friday, September 29, 2006

Photo Friday, Anger

"Beware the fury of a patient man."
-John Dryden

Right at the breach in the 17th Street levy in New Orleans stood this home. Allstate seems to think the damage was less extensive than it was. In automotive terms this home looks like it has been "totaled". Photograph by Robert McLaughlin (taken 8 months after Katrina devastated this neighborhood).


Princess Pepper Cloud said...

Incredible picture, terrible devistation.

Tony LaRocca said...

The house could have been nothing but a pile of toothpicks, and an insurance company would still dispute the claim. Reminds me of Monty Python's "The Bishop" sketch: "Well, you have a 'no claim' policy, which is great, unless you have to claim!"

Robert McLaughlin said...

Thanks Tony for the tip. Here's a portion of the script from Monty Python.


VICAR: It's about this letter you sent me regarding my insurance claim.
DEVIOUS (The insurance agent): Oh, yeah, yeah - well, you see, it's just that we're not... as yet...totally satisfied with the grounds of your claim.
VICAR: But it says something about filling my mouth in with cement.
DEVIOUS: Oh well, that's just insurance jargon, you know.
VICAR: But my car was hit by a lorry while standing in the garage and you refuse to pay my claim.
DEVIOUS: (rising and crossing to a filing cabinet) Oh well, reverend Morrison... in your policy... in your policy... (he open the drawer of the filing cabinet and takes out a shabby old sports jacket; he feels in the pocket and pulls out a crumbled dog-eared piece of paper then puts the coat back and shuts the filing cabinet)... here we are. It states quite clearly that no claim you make will be paid.
VICAR: Oh dear.
DEVIOUS: You see, you unfortunately plumped for our 'Neverpay' policy, which, you know, if you never claim is very worthwhile... but you had to claim, and, well, there it is.
VICAR: Oh dear, oh dear.


The reason this is so funny is because it is so sadly true.