Sunday, October 1, 2006

I Got Busted at Knott's Berry Farm

A word of warning about a very dangerous theme park located in Southern California.

I got busted yesterday at Knott's Berry Farm for acting like a tourist. They take things like that very seriously around there.

I was promptly thrown into jail, judge Roy Bean having denied me bail.

Well, as you can see, that was it for me... I was sentenced to die for my high crimes and misdemeanors.

Writing from the "other side"

formerly known as Robert


lisa galloway said...

Greetings, fellow dork. I'm so glad that someone bows to the call of their inner tourist - though I always act as if such shenanigans are much beneath me. I am, however, usually the first person to be caught wearing shorts with black socks and a fannypack.

It's wonderful having both you and Pat - thanks for showing up each week.

Love the art -- love best the surrealistic stuff. Here -- meet my dear friend Mirtika Schultz. She's well on her way to conquering Christian fantasy lit - you'd make a wonderful cover artist for her.

Every blessing,
Lisa G

Linnea said...

That's sooooooooooooo cool, love it. So that's the execution you were talking about, ha. Well, Uncle, have a good night.


Rrramone said...

Very funny. And thanks for the comments on my grave. :-)